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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  June 11, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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ises, you're asked to -- hes is, you're -- he is, you're asked to call crime stoppers. matt jablow, 9news now. opening statements are schedule dad in the jerry sandusky trial. the former assistant football coach is accused of sexually abiewtion ten victims over -- abusing ten victims over a 15- year time span. the defense wanted the charges dismissed but that request was denied by the judge. he's facing 52 counts in all. his lawyers also asked for a hearing into whether or not some of these charges were supported by insufficient facts. sandusky is facing life in prison if he's convicted on all counts. three people are dead, three more wounded after a shooting near the campus of auburn university. >> two of the people killed, former auburn football players. police are still searching for the shooter. drew levinson has more. >> reporter: hazardous
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materials personnel scrubbed the crime scene. a manhunt is under way for the shooter. police say he shot six people, killing three of them. >> it's just a shock right now. >> reporter: investigators say the shooting happened at these apartments after a fight at a party saturday night. many people who live here knew the victims. >> i can't really explain in words what happened. just feel real bad knowing it happened in my own neighborhood and i see these people around every day. >> reporter: two former football players were killed. a current player eric mack was wounded. auburn's football program is a big part of campus life here and the team is successful. it won the national championship in 2010. but police say they don't believe football played a role in these shootings. >> the only connection that the auburn football team has to this is they are victims of a brutal shooting.
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sometimes the young men get a bad rap i feel like but they're the victims today. >> reporter: in a statement the auburn coach said nobody should ever have to endure such unimaginable grief. we have a lot of people on our football team that are hurting right now and we're going to do everything we can to help them get through this. and auburn's police chief says his department plans to do everything it can to bring this case to a close. drew levinson, cbs news, auburn, alabama. >> the alleged shooter is facing capital murder charges. police in california are investigating two traffic accidents which they believe were allegedly caused by u.s. commerce secretary john bryson. the crashes happened saturday in san gabriel, california. the los angeles police department says bryson was driving alone when he allegedly rear ended a vehicle which had stopped for a train. the accident report says bryson
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spoke with the three men in the vehicle and then hit their car again when he drove away. officials say just minutes later bryson allegedly caused a second accident. bryson was injured in that second accident. he was taken to a hospital where he was treated for nonlife threatening injuries. in campaign 2012, the president is fighting a battle on two fronts. his reelection campaign is trying to beat back criticism over a comment he made friday when he said the private sector is doing fine. >> the president is also accused of putting national security at risk for political gain. susan mcginnis has more. >> reporter: the romney campaign is trying to capitalize on president obama's comments on friday. >> the private sector is doing fine. >> reporter: this new web ad by the romney campaign features people who have struggled during the recession. >> i've been looking for a job for two years. >> reporter: the obama campaign says romney is twisting his words and ignoring the rest of his point. that if congress passed the american jobs act, it would put
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more teachers and first responders to work. >> what the president has said is that we need to take some urgent action and he's called on congress to do that. they're more eager to have a debate over an ad of context clause in his remarks than the substance of what he said. >> reporter: another issue has the white house and congress at odds. who is responsible for leaking classified national security information to the press. >> it is very clear that this information had to come from the administration. >> reporter: the leaks include information about american cyberattacks against iran, how the u.s. picks targets for drone strikes and how a double agent foiled that al qaeda plot to bomb a u.s.-bound airliner. republicans say the white house leaked the information to make the president look tough in the war on terror. the administration has appointed two u.s. attorneys to investigate the source of the leaks but some in congress object. >> can you have a u.s. attorney assigned through the attorney general investigate something
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that is clearly going to be at the most senior levels of all the executive branches? >> reporter: many republicans are calling for a special council, not u.s. attorney to investigate the leaks. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. at 4:35, here's a look at some other things making news now. chinese officials say the violence in syria should not be a topic of discussion at the upcoming g20 summit in mexico. they believe the meeting needs to stay focused on global economic issues. the g20 summits have stayed away from political and security issues in the past. u.n. observers are in damascus, the site of a 12-hour bombardment by pro-government forces this weekend. witnesses in the city are describing a massacre which left 78 people, mostly women and children dead at the hands of pro-government militia. some reports say more than 13,000 people have been killed since the uprising began 15 months ago. two fires, dozens of buildings destroyed and now high winds are making things
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worse. 40 square miles of land is burning near the mountain town in new mexico. another fire has scorched 2200 acres. hundreds have been evacuated from the fires so far. concerns are growing across parts of southwestern alabama as a weekend of heavy rain is expected to give way to a day of downpours. the national weather service expects as much as 2 to 4 inches of rain to fall. more than 9 inches has accumulated since last friday. just east of alabama in the florida panhandle flood waters damaged several homes and closed roads. a number of florida residents reported to have spent the weekend in shelters. our time is 4:36. more humidity and temperatures you would expect in june are coming our way. at 4:39, howard will let you know just how warm it's going to get. news of a european bailout sent the world markets higher. at 4:40, jessica will let us know what that could mean for markets here in the u.s. be prepared for some major
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delays along a key corridor in northwest d.c. monika will have more on that at 4:49. it's 73 degrees. back with your weather first in two minutes. stay with us.
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4:39. a quiet morning across the region. mild, muggy temperatures in the 60s, even low 70s still. going to be a very warm to hot day. we'll see increasing clouds later on this afternoon with highs in the upper 80s to even near 90. shower and storm chances are going up. i'm going to let you know when you're going to need the rain gear in just a few minutes. right now over to monika with a look at your time saver traffic. we're taking a look at the beltway north of town here at university boulevard it's fine. just after university on the inner loom, the road splits for long-term construction. coming up in my next report, a closer look at maryland roads
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at 4:47. back to you, andrea and mike. >> thank you, monika. 4:40. time for your first money segment of the morning. >> jessica is here with headlines and another reminder we are a world market. >> we're seeing a global party today. we like the sounds of that. lots of green arrows. international markets up on news that the european union has agreed to loan $1.25 billion to bail out spanish banks. news of this bailout has sent stocks higher. the bailout of spain's banks follows similar bailouts in greece, ireland and portugal but greece may not abide by the term of its bailout. elections there next week could determine if that country stays in the your row zone. -- in the euro zone. a financial expert says the reason spain is in so much trouble may sound very familiar
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to americans. >> spain had a bigger housing boom and bust than we had here in the united states. that means a lot of bad mortgage loans and real estate loans to undermine the capital of the u.s. banks. they're broke and need help. the spanish must be very humiliated by having to take the aid. for them to have to go to the european union for help i'm sure was difficult. >> they refuse to use the word rescue or bailout to describe the package. instead they're referring to it as a line of credit instead. not sure how wall street is going to react to this bailout but futures are higher this morning. here's a look at where the market will stand right before the opening bell. dow at 12,554. it was up more than 93 points in trading on friday. nasdaq up by 27 points and the s&p 500 was better by about 116789 meantime the average price of a gallon of gasoline has dropped 16 cents over the past three weeks. the lundberg survey finds the
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average price stands at $3.62. according to, the lowest price of gas in our area is at the sunoco on georgia avenue in aspen hill, maryland. it costs $3.30 a gallon. aaa this morning says local gas prices are averaging $3.48 a gallon. we're down 30 cents in the past month. we like that trend. >> especially for summer travel season. that's cool. equal rights when it comes to the nation's gay and lesbian communities, one of the hot topics. it was also pretty hot outside too for the capital pride celebration. more on that. we'll have your weather first when we return in two minutes. you're watching 9news now.
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good morning. happy monday. welcome back to 9news now. 4:44 this morning. already 72 degrees. so that tells you a lot about where the temperatures are going today. >> another hot one but yesterday we were 92.
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it wasn't too bad. >> speak for yourself. >> oh, come on. >> you know i don't like hot. >> really? from louisiana don't like hot. >> that's where you learn not to like hot. >> yeah. or the humidity as well. i'll agree with you there. weather wise we are starting on a warm note. a mild note. we'll have a hot afternoon but all in all, i don't think it's that bad, even though some others may disagree. here's a look at your bus stop forecast. we're going to take this to the bus stop. the temperatures are going into the upper 80s today. it's going to be a nice one with a few more clouds this afternoon. now your bus stop forecast. we're taking this till friday. fairfax and prince william are going till friday. sunny and mild. sunrise 5:42. temperatures starting in the ofs on and 7 -- in the 60s and 70s. by noon 87. winds south to southeast 10 to
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15 miles per hour. upper 80s at 4:00 although a few more clouds this afternoon. maybe a 20% chance we'll see a sorry in an isolated -- storm in an isolated area this afternoon. it will really be late tonight and especially tomorrow. 73 in town. low 60s out toward culpeper and cumberland. mid-70s still, 74 at the pax river naval air station. locally we have mid-60s from gaithersburg to lovettsville, 61, haymarket 63. 69 in alexandria. 65 in colombia. looking outside on our michael & son weather camera, good looking capital this morning under clear skies. temperatures 73. humidity is up so it's a muggy morning with the dew points in the mid-60s and humidity 79%. when you look at the national temperatures, you can obviously pretty easily pick out where the front is. all the warmth moving up here this morning into the lakes. look at detroit and chicago, low to mid-70s. just behind it, minneapolis in the 60s. bismarck in the 50s and casper,
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wyoming falls into the 40s. so we've got some cooler air back here and drier air. we're going to get some of that but not until wednesday before that moves in. so today and tomorrow we're going to be warm. you can really see a strong front up across areas of the northern mississippi valley. look at these thunderstorms. from northern missouri, northeastern kansas, all the way up through western wisconsin this morning. that's one thing we have to watch. the other thing we're watching, all of the rain down across the south. some very heavy rain across areas along the gulf coast over the last couple of days with moisture back here. it's going to try to work its way into the first storm. so as we get into the day tomorrow, some of the showers and storms could give us locally heavy downpours. right now just a few high clouds. as we go through the middle of the day, still pretty accident. maybe some high clouds. you'll see clouds increasing with really an isolated shower this afternoon. tonight especially after midnight, we'll start to see a few showers moving in. look what happens tomorrow.
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scattered showers and storms ahead of the front in eastern ohio for the afternoon. for the evening hours, for the first part of the night, the front will sweep through overnight tuesday night into wednesday morning. drier air moves in. it should be pretty nice around here come wednesday. forecast today 89. still looking good with more clouds this afternoon. tomorrow a yellow alert day with the scattered thunderstorms. definitely could slow you down in your commuting. any outdoor plans may abproblem. much cool -- may be a proper. much cooler. could be a few clouds and a sprinkle on thursday and nice this weekend. monika samtani, good morning. good morning. it is a good morning actually. all the construction from overnight is being cleared up right now. if you're heading out the door early this morning, i think you're going to be absolutely fine between the baltimore beltway and our beltway on 95, 29, the b wie parkway looks -- bw parkway looks great. if you're leaving the airport between our parkway and glen bernie, you'll be fine as well.
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if you're planning to head over to the beltway near university boulevard, i've been telling you this morning about a long- term construction project on the inner loop. it's just after university boulevard where the road splits although four lanes are maintained. it may take a little getting used tosmght the outer -- used to. the outer loop is fine through silver spring. to southern maryland, we're looking great. route 5, 4, 301 you're fine. accokeek to the beltway in oxon hill and across the wilson bridge, no issues to report. we'll take a live look heading into the district. this is new york avenue as you leave bladensburg. traffic is moving smoothly. if you're heading to the u street corridor, don't forget today is the start of the street and sidewalk upgrade project along d.c.'s popular u street corridor. construction will take place on u street it 9th and 14th streets. traffic could be limited to one lane in each direction and curbside parking will be restricted. so you might want to plan on taking another route around the
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work. coming up in my next report, another look around the area. back to you guys. >> thanks, monika. we'll see you in a little bit. after just two years on the job the president of the university of virginia is stepping down. dr. teresa sullivan's departure was a mutual decision according to board members. her resignation is effective august 15. sullivan said in a statement although the board and i have a philosophical difference of opinion, i will always treasure having had the opportunity to work with so many gifted faculty and staff, talented students and loyal alumni. sullivan was the first woman to ever hold that position. president obama's personal endorsement of gay marriage combined with bills in several states giving gays and lesbians the right to marry have made this a big year in the history of gay rights in america. >> despite the sweltering temperature outside, the capital pride parade went on as planned. >> reporter: the capital pride parade through dupont circle has become a tradition in washington with floats and music and streets packed with
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crowds, the parade was the highlight of the weekend's events all geared toward celebrating gay quality. >> it was an amazing experience. >> i feel incredibly grateful to be here. it's wonderful to be in the capital city and in a city where it's emblematic of the changing force in this nation. >> amid-all the celebration for capital pride, members of the community say there's a strong message they're trying to get out. >> just equality. >> one group or organization or government agency that is on our side is one for the better. it helps everybody else jump on the bandwagon. >> reporter: for the first time ever an american president has officially supported gay marriage. locally the state of maryland has passed legislation allowing for gay couples to wednesday. it's said to go into effect next year unless a referendum vote from the public strikes it down. >> it's wonderful to see the tide changing in favor of gay rights and to recognize the fact that -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: for many this weekend's events are not just
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an opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments made by gay activists but also a chance to recharge their efforts for the battle they will undoubtedly continue to fight. >> we have a long way. there's always a lot of progress that can be made. >> reporter: i'mi'm ken molestino, 9news now. scout leaders suffered these exhaustion yesterday. 250,000 scouts and family members were there. 07 were treated for -- 70 were treated for heat-related problems. crews sprayed the crowd down with fire trucks to cool things off. >> we didn't get to be sprayed a lot but we actually got to kick the ball and it was really fun. >> we've been drinking plenty and staying in the shade. >> we're going underneath the firehouses. >> everyone who was treated at
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the hospital has recovered. 4:53. time for the question of the morning. according to "u.s.a. today," 43% of brides say they thought of this during their ceremony. a, is it their next facebook status update, b, not tripping on their dress, or c, hoping no one gets too intoxicated at the reception. >> one of those is definitely a generational question. log on to the wusa9 facebook fan page. leave your response. we'll reveal the answer during the 6:00 hour.
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welcome back. 4:55. your weather first.
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no problems except it's a bit on the muggy side. temperatures in the 60s and 70s. we'll start sunny. winds will be picking up this afternoon 10 to 15. the cloud cover as well as high temperatures approach the upper #s on to near 9 -- 80s to near 90. some rain is on the way. monika has your time saver traffic. i sure do if you're planning to head on the northbound side of i-95, there are no problems to report heading into springfield here leaving route 644 to the beltway and beyond on to 395 which i will show you next coming up in a couple minutes. back to you. chris rock, ben stiller, david swimmer all back in theaters. europe's most wanted was the big winner. it pulled 60.4 million in sales. properly metuous -- properly meetuous came in second place. last week's number one film snow white and the huntsman
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rounded out the top three. >> big weekend for charlize theron. lint trapped in a clothes dryer is the cause after fire that destroyed robert deniro's manhattan apartment. it started friday in the amount overlooking central park west. deniro and his family were not home at the time. neighbors noticed the flames and called 911. several of deniro's employees who were working in the amount at the time managed to escape unharmed. he paid $23 million for the three-floor apartment which firefighters say is now uninhabitable. >> wow. justin bieber could be a bigger fan magnet than a beatle. >> yeah, right. and broadway crowds -- [indiscernible] the big winner at last night's 66th annual tony awards in new york city was? >> the tony award goes to? >> reporter: the irish love
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story took home eight awards including best musical and best lead actor in a musical. >> i'm going to be free. >> reporter: neil patrick harris hosted the event for the third time. ♪ what if life were more like theater ♪ >> reporter: he stars on the cbs sitcom "how i met your mother." teen sensation justin beeber is in next company city getting ready for a colossal free concert in the central plaza. city officials expect he'll draw more than 200,000 fans, more than former beatle paul mccartney pulled in last month at the same venue. security officials say they have 6,000 police officers at the ready. just as the summer movie season is heating up, studios are releasing a new round of sequels on dvd tomorrow. >> your next client -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: robert downy, jr. stars as the world's most famous detective sherlock holmes in the sequel on a game of shadows. >> ladies and gentlemen, i give
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you. >> the mysterious island. >> reporter: vanessa much chins is -- hut chins is led on a new adventure in mysterious island. that's your eye on entertainment, cbs news, hollywood. >> that's one way to rope in viewers, isn't it? good morning. thank you for watching 9news now at 5:00 a.m. happy monday. i'm andrea roane. i'm mike hydeck. here's monika samtani. she'll have traffic momentarily. mr. bernstein, good morning. >> good morning. good weekend. we start the day and the week on a good note. however, tomorrow will probably be the day of the week that's going to be the worst in the form of some showers, some storms, and the day that's probably going to slow you down the most. here's a look at our day planner here on this monday morning. it's looking goodout side right now. -- good outside right now. 73 degrees in washington. 80 by 9:00. a warm start will lead to a


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